Workforce & Professional Development Institute (WPDI)

The Workforce and Professional Development Institute provides training, consulting, and cutting-edge courses for businesses, professionals, and the community through its six areas: Center for Personal Enrichment, Client Solutions, Continuing Professional Development, Illinois Procurement Technical Assistance Center, Illinois Small Business Development & International Trade Center, and Judicial Services. Continuing Professional Development offers a variety of continuing education courses with Vocational Training credit that prepare students to obtain skills to enhance their workforce competencies, prepare for licensure, license renewal or meet certification requirements. Continuing Education Vocational Credits do not apply to any degree or certificate program offered at the college in the academic divisions. Vocational credits will not be added to a student’s academic credit hours or included in the GPA. Students receive a grade of P (Pass) or N (No Pass). Course offerings vary each semester.   WPDI offers consulting and training programs for individuals and businesses, government and non-profit organizations who seek to improve their organizational effectiveness and professional skills. It does so through five departments:


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