Career Resources


Between jobs? Career need a boost?


 See a career specialist or counselor in CLC’s Career and Placement Services     Center.

Get help in assessing your job skills and interests. Learn what’s hot in the job market and what skills are needed to qualify. Receive expert advice on selling yourself through your resume and cover letter. Develop a job-search strategy.


Sign up for our job search database.

This free service allows you to post your resume and search for jobs.


Attend our job search workshops and mini-job fairs.

Perfect your resume and cover letter. Explore different career fields. Learn strategies for conducting an electronic job search. Practice interview skills. These are just some of the many topics covered in our monthly series of job search workshops.


Join our Job Hunters’ Support Group.

Rally your spirits and increase your job-hunting skills by joining our Job Hunters’ Support Group. This group is a great forum for sharing job search strategies, managing stress and staying motivated.


Put CLC’s educational programs to work for you.

Getting more education may give your career the biggest boost. (Earnings and job security increase with each level of education, from high school to master’s degree.) Explore the educational options at CLC. Call (847) 543-2090 to talk to one of our enrollment services representatives about how to get started.


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