Hot Job!: Test Technician at SPX Transformer Solutions, Inc.


Expires: 10/09/2013

Job ID: 3129230

Job Title: Test Technician

Company: SPX Transformer Solutions, Inc.

Job Type: Full Time

Degrees Wanted: Associates

Majors Wanted: Electrical/Electronic Maintenance, Electrician Apprenticeship, Electronics

Engineering Technology

Job Target: Any Job Target

Location: Waukesha, WI 53186

Salary: 25.19

Job Description: SPX Transformer Solutions’ Test Technicians must develop and maintain expert level transformer testing skills in: Control box pre-test, Fan motor test, LTC oil filter pre- test, Moving units, Documentation of vital documents, Oil Sample, Ratio Test, Booster Ratio/Resistance, Transformer Control Wiring, Control Losses, Winding Megger, Insulation DF/Capacitance and 10KV Excitation Test, Core Loss, Winding Resistance, Load Loss/Impedance, Zero Sequence, CT Test Under Load, Heat Run, Sound Test, Prepare Unit for Release to Shipping and Program/Troubleshoot Production Electronics, Impulse Test, Applied Test, Induced Test, Voltage Distribution Test, Wiring Hipot LV Cubicles, Test Wiring LV Cubicles, Recloser Sequence Relay, Differential Relays, Overcurrent Relays, and other tests as directed. Reports to Test Engineering Supervisor

Job Requirements: RESPONSIBILITIES MAY INCLUDE: · Calculate test data to verify test parameters and evaluate test result calculations to determine acceptability of test. · Perform all required tests on transformers, PDS, Components and subassemblies in accordance with established procedures and specific instructions. · Record and file test results calculations and analyzes final test reports. · Make out test floor failure report and NCR/DM. · Move transformers, assemblies, PDS’s and auxiliary devices to and from test floor. · Clean and maintain test floor facilities. · Perform tests and take DGA samples on transformer oil when required. · Write NCR & DM reports electronically. · Investigate field defects and write corrective actions. · Create preliminary test reports. QUALIFICATIONS: The Test Technician position requires an Associates or alternate 2 year degree in Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Utilities Engineering, Electro-magnetic Specialty or an equivalent degree or certification plus experience and knowledge. The assignment requires technical knowledge and experience to completely test power transformers and associated auxiliary apparatus. Ability to calculate test results interpret to determine product acceptance/rejection is essential. Physical work and calculations of test results must be performed in a timely, systematic, and error free manner.

Normally, work assignments involve specific instructions, established procedures, and adherence to industry standards. Test Engineer or Dept. Mgr. provides work assignments and general supervision. Job requires complete knowledge of operation of test apparatus and controls; instrumentation used in tests; test floor facility limitations, and safety rules. Knowledge of appropriate industry standards such as IEEE and IEC are required. R/A performance standards

for tests and evaluation of test results are essential. Work involves dealing with very high voltages. Understanding of electricity and safety rules pertaining to electricity is essential. Ability to communicate well with peers, inspectors, manufacturing, planning, marketing and engineering departments is important. Both oral and written communication skills are required

for error free transmission of facts. Strict attention to details relating in report writing is required. Competency using electronic calculators and entering data on a CRT is required. The position requires a strong technical background in addition to a minimum of one year on the job experience as a test technician for power transformers. The above description covers the

principle functions of the job. It is not intended to be a complete listing of all the miscellaneous incidental or substantially similar duties which may be assigned during normal or emergency operations.

Application Instructions: If you are open to pursuing this time sensitive opportunity, please complete an application online by going to and clicking on ‘Careers’. From the

‘Careers’ page, you may sort opportunities by location. Select Waukesha, WI and select the ‘Test

Technician’ opening.

Contact: Carrie Helms

Address: 400 S. Prairie Ave, Waukesha, WI 53186

Phone: 262-513-5406


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