Guest Post: Set Goals to Start your Career Right

@work: a career blog

If you’re like many of today’s college students, your parents (or TV shows) told you repeatedly to follow your life’s passion. Then, you came of age in the shadow of startup success stories like Mark Zuckerberg, who quit college and achieved the ultimate work/life balance (and billions in wealth) before the age of thirty. And now there are figures like Cheryl Sandburg, telling us to “lean in” to those career opportunities as they arise.

Together, this creates a weird and conflicting cocktail of career advice for today’s recent college grads, as “following your passion” may not lead to a sustainable job that will keep food on your table, while “leaning in” too far can get you five years into a career that makes you absolutely miserable. Add into that the tricky transition from student to professional mode, and it can be difficult to set career goals that will keep you…

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